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Considerations on the Contribution of the UE Court of Justice1 related to the Uniform Application of the Community Regulations on the Principle of Equal Remuneration for Equal Work Irrespective of Sex

Author(s): Alina Livia NICU
| Pages: 5-14

Criminal Law in Nigeria in the Last 53 Years: Trends and Prospects for the Future

Author(s): Akeem Olajide BELLO
| Pages: 15-37

Legal Permissibility of Unilateral Humanitarian Interventions

Author(s): Petra PERISIC
| Pages: 38-49

Subjective Right and the Legitimate Interest in the Romanian Administrative Law

Author(s): Vasilica NEGRUŢ
| Pages: 50-57

Examination of the Provisions Governing the Interceptions of Conversations and Communications according to the European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence

Author(s): Alexandru BOROI
| Pages: 58-70

Methodology of the Investigation of the Crime of Pimping

Author(s): Elena-Ana NECHITA
| Pages: 71-81

The Unfulfillment or the Defective Achievement of Office Duties according to the New Criminal Code. Comparative Examination. Critical Comments

Author(s): Ion RUSU
| Pages: 82-88

Is Romania Heading Towards a Presidential Republic?

Author(s): Claudia GILIA
| Pages: 89-98

The Examination of the Crime Stipulated in Article 330 of the New Criminal Code. Critical Remarks

Author(s): Minodora Ioana BĂLAN-RUSU
| Pages: 99-104

Legal Nature of the Investor’s Consent to the Conclusion of the Agreement with Sub-contractor

Author(s): Sławomir SZEJNA
| Pages: 105-114

The Right of Children to Know their Parents – a Constitutive Element of the Child’s Identity

Author(s): Andreea DRĂGHICI, Ionel DIDEA, Ramona DUMINICĂ
| Pages: 115-123