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The indirect impact of the board of directorsí composition on the firmís performance: An international comparison


Zouari Ghazi -- Zouari-Hadiji Rim 

| Pages: 468-487
As part of corporate governance theory, this article studies the relationship between the board of directors and the firm?s performance from the angle of the R&D investment level in the international context. Our model seeks to show if the R&D investment level acts as a mediating variable between the internal mechanism of corporate governance and performance. This effect is sensitive to the national systems of governance. This empirical study is based on a sample of 174 U.S. and 179 Japanese firms for the period 2008-2012. The results of the linear regressions conducted showing the relationship between, on the one hand, the internal administrator and the non-dual structure, and on the other hand, the firm?s performance, meditated by the firm?s R&D investment-level.

The effects of flexible manufacturing capabilities and logistics capabilities upon organizational performance: Using cloud technology investment as the moderator


Yu-Je Lee -- Ching-Ho Chen 

| Pages: 488-502
The purpose of this study is to verify and realize, with the use of Confirmatory Factor Analysis, the interactive effects of cloud technology investment on flexible manufacturing capabilities and logistics capabilities respectively. Research subjects are the section chiefs and managers working at Taiwan-listed photovoltaic companies. The simple Random Sampling method is adopted, and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) is used to verify the Overall Research Model, and the fitting effect of its Structural and Measurement Models. The results show that having both flexible manufacturing and logistics capabilities provides Taiwan-listed photovoltaic manufacturers? performance with a significant positive effect, while cloud technology investment also provides a positive interactive effect on a manufacturer?s performance. These results are not only worthy of being the reference for subsequent researchers conducting further research on relevant fields, they can also serve as a reference for sustainable development for business decision-makers of Taiwan-listed Photovoltaic Companies.