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Effect of Hydraulic Retention Time and Sludge Retention Time on Membrane Bioreactor: Performance in Summer Season


Jadhao R. K. -- Dawande S. D.

| Pages: 1-18
The major reason of this study was to examine the effect of HRT and SRT on parameters such as chemical oxygen demand (COD), soluble COD (Sol.COD), biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), nitrogen (ammonia NH4, nitrate NO3) contents and phosphorus contents (Phosphate PO4), total suspended solids (TSS) and volatile suspended solids (VSS), soluble microbial products (SMP), proteins, carbohydrates, acetate and alkalinity (ALK) for hospital wastewater and residential quarter wastewater. The experiments have been carried out on laboratory-scale hollow fiber submerged membrane bioreactor (MBR) for summer season. The results have shown a high removal efficiency of COD, BOD and ammonia which ranged between 92.51 to 97.95 %, 93.10 to 97.63 % and 97.70 to 98.67 %, respectively. While, for TSS and VSS, the removals were found to reach almost 100 %. Comparatively, the phosphorus removal efficiency (54.50 to 57.95 %) was found inferior than other parameters.

Characterization and Comparative study of Cane Sugar Industry Waste Water


Jadhav P.G. -- Dr. Vaidya N.G. -- Dethe S.B

| Pages: 19-25
Sugar industry is one of the most important agro based industry segment in India. Cane Sugar Industry being an important role in the Indian economy as well as in the foreign exchange earnings and also plays a very vital part in polluting the environment with its waste discharge. With expansion of Sugar plants, pollution due to inadequate and it becomes threat for environment .In this study four Sugar Industries were selected for the analysis of the composition of their effluents, which are the primary source of water pollution. The results of the study showed that the effluents in general exceed the limits specified in CPCB with reference to parameters a such as BOD, COD , Oil and greases , total suspended solids. The effluent level found through the analysis can be reduced if suggested recommended measures are worked upon.

Effect of Charge Transfer on Phonon Dynamics of Polarizable Materials


Rathore V.

| Pages: 26-35
This Paper gives the connection between the polarization of ions and the repulsive force between them. We have investigated the phonon dynamics of Polarizable Materials in NaCl phase using Rigid Shell Model with pair wise interionic interaction potential. The potential consist of the long -range Coulomb and three-body interactions and the short -range van der Waals interaction and the Hafemeister and Flygare type overlap repulsion extended up to the second neighbor ions. The present model basically includes the effect of charge transfer caused by the electron-shell deformation of the overlapping ions in the frame work of both ions polarizable. this takes account of the polarizability of ions for vibrations of all wavelengths. There is generally good agreement between the measured dispersion relations and the dispersion relations calculated on the simple version of the shell model-Coulomb forces between ions of unit charge with the iodine atoms polarizable and central repulsive forces between first neighbors only, acting through the iodine shell. The elastic constants obtained from the model have been used to calculate the phonon dispersion relation in the symmetry direction .